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7/29/2023 -- Things are constantly changing at Dudley Farm Historic State Park.  Which is as it should be.  What are some new things going on at the farmstead?  We have 4 calves born this spring, as we do every year.  We also brought in 6 new Barred Plymouth rocks into the old flock.  Nothing much has changed with Sir Thomas the turkey and Thomasina the hen.  Except they have moved to the back coop east of the farmhouse.                                     




Many fences near the front of the farmstead have been repaired, and many more fences are in the process of been repaired.  There are new repairs in the kitchen windows and back porch.  Little things like this make a difference.

Those are a few of the new things happening on the farm.

Sandra Cashes - Head ranger Dudley Farm Historic State Park