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      • A New Year at the Park
      • Camellias, daffodils in bloom


      • Black History Month

March - April

      • Antique Tractor and Car Day - The Antique Tractors Club will plow a field using antique tractors and plows. Many antique tractors and some antique cars will be on display.
      • Front yard in bloom: Roses, Amaryllis, Coreopsis, Crinums
      • Planting field crops and garden planting days
      • Cracker cows calving in March

April - May

      • Dudley Farm: A Show Place - Front yard in bloom: heirloom roses, lilies, and flowers
      • Spring Plant Sale

June - August

      • Fruit trees - Harvesting peaches, pears, and figs

August - Restoration and repair

September - October

      • Corn harvest, sweet potato harvest
      • National Public Lands Day

October - November

      • Fall Heritage Plant Sale
      • Corn shucking, shelling, winnowing & grinding
      • Pecan harvesting
      • Twilight Walk into the Past: October 28 and October 29

November - December

      • Farm Fall and Cane Festival - making syrup from sugar cane, 1st Saturday of December, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Pets are allowed in the Visitor Area, but not allowed in the Homestead area.

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