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Indoor Education Center

The Indoor Education Center (IEC) Committee completed work on the initial phase of their project, meeting a December deadline to have preliminary drawings and plans for a meeting with Paul Huisking and the Park Manager. As part of the initial phase of this project the Committee identified requirements for the IEC, which included functions and uses for the building. Working with the Park’s comprehensive plan and Park staff from Tallahassee the proposed location for the building was identified as the open field north of the main parking lot. Next an architectural firm worked with the Committee to prepare designs and layouts for the building.

The results of these meetings were preliminary floor and site plans, a color rendering and a model of the proposed building prepared by the architects. 

Visitor Exhibit 2013 Visitor Exhibit 2014

General Information

The IEC will include:

  • a main room, with seating for up to 80 students
  • an adjoining room for smaller size classes or meetings
  • a catering/food preparation room
  • large covered porches on two sides of the building and indoor restrooms.

The exterior will be similar to the style of the other buildings in the Park. For example, the walls will be board and batten style and the roof will be the galvanized metal.

The artist that painted the color rendering is a familiar name around Dudley, Kate Barnes. She did a great job depicting the proposed building, adding her touches that give life to the rendering.

The architects involved are Ronald and David Haase with H2A Architect and Design. Ron Haase is also a name familiar at Dudley Farm, for work done there when he was a professor at the University of Florida. Features incorporated in the IEC design can be also be seen Ron Haase’s book “Classic Cracker: Florida’s Wood-frame Vernacular Architecture”

Please support any way you can. Any and all donations to this project are welcomed. 

The breakdown would be:

    • up to $99
    • $100-$249
    • $250-$499
    • over $500


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