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    • Pay for part-time Farm Specialist
    • Added new docents and volunteers
    • Donated supplies and equipment
    • Pay for feed and veterinary bills for cracker cattle and horses
    • Paid to move the Marchant Commissary to the park
    • Purchased and repaired farm equipment and purchased seed
    • Instrumental in constructing a Collections building and staffing with volunteers
    • Opened and staffed Commissary Gift Store
    • Purchased CPU for volunteer use
    • Purchased folding tables and canopy tents for park and CSO
    • Replaced the ramp going into the tram to make it more handicapped accessible
    • Brand new website with "charge" capability and mobile device friendly
    • New repair area (remodeled 50s kitchen)
    • Built the new Cane Syrup Complex at the Visitor Center.
    • Purchased computers, printers, software and associated supplies for Collections Building and CSO needs.
    • Installed irrigation system for the Dudley Heritage Roses at the Visitor Center.
    • Developed / Constructed and maintains the Dudley Heritage Plant Nursery


        • Annual special events eg.Fall Farm & Cane Festival
        • Donations
        • Membership Dues
        • Grants
        • Friends' Commissary gift shop



        • Indoor Educational Center
        • Attaining National Landmark status - Completed!
        • Special activities for "Friends" members


        • Our top priority is to secure an educational facility at the north end of the parking lot. Currently we have no facility to hold educational programs and demonstrations for children and the public.

      Special Events

        • A New Year at the Park
        • Earth Day & Heritage Nursery Plant Sale
        • Ice cream social and volunteer awards
        • Fall Farm & Cane Festival
        • Plowing Up the Past
        • Twilight Walk to the Past
        • Partake of the Past

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